About IF

Born in San Francisco, grew up in the Southern California desert, joined the Army at 18, Germany for two years, started in the film industry working in special fx, creating miniatures for movies like Titanic, The Fifth Element, HBO’s From The Earth to the Moon, numerous commercials and TV shows. Eventually moved into writing screenplays for independent directors and wrote, directed and edited my own no-budget feature film in 2009. That led to an opportunity to create “cinematic book trailers” which really served as my own personal film school. Wrote, directed, shot and edited over 40 of those, each one completed for less than $2500 apiece. Since then, directed and shot a handful of music videos, short films, a fantasy action-adventure web series, over 1000 small business, corporate and interview videos, directed live stream broadcasts, produced podcasts and served as DP and camera operator for indy directors and producers including on four (and a half) independent feature films. 

Currently I produce the YouTube channel Tabletop Alchemy where I indulge my Dungeons and Dragons and tabletop gaming hobbies and direct and co-produce for Black Bunny Media, a California-based media production company.